Schnoggy Boggins


The Clan Boggins. A strong and proud dwarven mining and warrior family respected throughout the region for generations beyond memory. Also beyond memory has it been since one from the Clan Boggins has cast off that proud ancestral tradition to study the arcane arts. A dark time it has been, these last several centuries, for those in the dwarven realm where the Clan Boggins resides.

For the rule of the Pompy Court has and his fell minions has held sway for ‘lo these many years.

And that rule has expanded farther than it should ever have.

And so it came to pass (for this is a tale of woe) that Schnoggy Boggins, it is said, was plucked from his mother’s hard-worn teat at the tender age of 30 to be an acolyte of the Pompy Court’s Blackstone Necrowombdobbler Forces. It is an unknown tale to most, but it is known that Schnoggy Boggins became an outcast twice over: first, for leaving his clan’s respectable mining operation to study the arcane arts and secondly, for killing his sensei in a magical duel.

His reasons for fighting that battle are unknown… but the high price he paid for that victory has been all too apparent. For Schnoggy carries the weight of the dread Coitus Maximus Curse on his stocky Tuna-can widthed wang, and it is a heavy burden indeed.

For no matter what good deeds Schnoggy Boggins performs.

No matter what allies Schnoggy Boggins makes.

When Schnoggy Boggins finds success he must fuck the shit out of something and everything goes to hell.

For that is his burden.

That is his curse.

Schnoggy Boggins

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